The resident’s association is responsible for:

  • Day to day maintenance and repairs which include plumbing, electrical repairs, internal fixtures and fittings, doors and windows and repairs to empty flats.
  • Caretaking and cleaning – clearing litter, cleaning communal areas, controlling unauthorised parking and removal of bulk rubbish.
  • Taking action to deal with unauthorised occupants.
  • Ensuring tenants keep to their conditions of tenancy.
  • Ensuring leaseholders keep to their lease covenants.
  • Ensuring anti-social behaviour is dealt with fairly and promptly.
  • Responding to harassment.
  • Transfer applications from people living on the estate.
  • Advice on Right to Buy applications.
  • Issue Tenancy Agreements on behalf of the council.
  • Ensuring the collection of rents.
  • To undertake the settling and billing of service charges to leaseholders from 2003.
  • Giving advice to tenants who are in rent arrears.


The Council is still the landlord and is still responsible for:

  • Setting the rents.
  • Maintaining the structure of the building.
  • Taking any necessary legal action against tenants or leaseholders for the breach of tenancy conditions and lease covenants.
  • Assess and pay Housing Benefit.
  • Arranging buildings insurance.
  • Major structural repairs to roofs, walls and underground services.
  • Major improvement works.
  • Lift repairs.
  • Heating repairs.
  • Maintenance of the grounds, tanks, communal lighting, playgrounds and communal aerials.

Tenants are responsible for:

  • Using property as only or principal home.
  • Ensuring premises are looked after.
  • Repair obligations, including decorations.
  • Repaying for tenant responsibility works
  • Return of keys at the end of tenancy
  • Unauthorised alterations
  • Neighbour nuisance
  • Ensuring rent is paid regularly